Digital pre-analytics

Digitalisation of pre-analytics with S4DX and SARSTEDT

The S4DX system from the Munich-based company Smart4Diagnostics closes the data gap between sampling and analysis in the laboratory. Thanks to fully digitally traceable pre-analytical processes, errors can be significantly reduced and workflows can be optimised. At the same time, an individual, digital and fully verifiable history of the specimen from the patient to the laboratory is created. Digital pre-analysis as a new quality standard for diagnostics – without changing processes or affecting routine.

The S4DX system offers you the following added value:

Establish pre-analytical quality monitoring

• Document transport time and temperature
• Monitor specimen quality as per ISO 15189 requirements digitally
• Link data such as sampling time and verification of the patient and their condition, if applicable

Optimise workflows and reduce laboratory costs

• Reduce costs in specimen logistics
• Automate specimen receipt procedures
• Minimise repeated measurements
• Reduce training effort for submitters
• Optimise customer communication

Significantly reduce pre-analytical errors

• Avoid errors such as “wrong patient”, “wrong blood in the tube” and “missing material”

The S4DX system consists of two modular elements, the S4DX transport monitoring and the S4DX Satellite system for registering and verifying specimens. 
The system is rounded out by the use of pre-barcoded specimen tubes, which provide additional safety and process transparency.

S4DX transport monitoring

Track your specimen transports digitally, record temperature curves and vibrations using a data logger (SmartTube™) and digitalise your entire logbook. The S4DX courier app for transport monitoring eliminates the need to involve the specimen sender or interface with your LIS.

With the S4DX courier app, you can digitalise your logbook, read out quality-relevant transport data and take them into account for the subsequent analysis. The S4DX system thus meets the requirements of ISO 15189 for specimen transport.

The S4DX data logger can be used for all common transport containers from bag to rack to transport case.

A gateway installed at specimen receipt allows contactless reading of the transport temperature and vibration data.

Advantages of digital transport monitoring:

ISO 15189 compliant (transport temperature and time) 
Intuitive operation and scalable system – fully online
System adaptable to your workflow


Sample registration and verification through the S4DX Satellite app

Complete digitalisation of pre-analytics with the S4DX Satellite app. From sampling to arrival in the laboratory with fully automatic data transfer to the LIS or HIS, the S4DX Satellite app is suitable for both clinical and private lab use.
The unique patient identification reduces potential patient mix-ups. The display of the patient order according to the information in your order entry makes the work easier for the sampling personnel and makes it possible to provide specimen-specific, pre-analytical instructions for further processing of the specimen directly at the time of collection.
Anomalies of the specimen or patient can be entered in real time via the system and can be used in the further process to evaluate the specimen quality. Upon arrival in the laboratory, predefined anomalies are automatically separated in the bulk sorter for individual observation. This allows you to save valuable time and resources on your analysers.
In addition to information on patient or specimen status, data such as collection time or person performing the collection are stored digitally in your system. The specimen history is thus completely traceable.

Advantages of specimen registration and verification 

ISO 15189 compliant (specimen history, time stamp, deviations from standard) 
Complete traceability of the specimens from the time the order is placed
Guidance for blood sampling personnel on sampling sequence and supplementary pre-analytical handling instructions
Compatible with pre-barcoded SARSTEDT specimen tubes 
Reliable confirmation of the correct patient and prevention of patient mix-ups

S-Monovette® pre-barcode & S4DX system

For use with pre-labelled S-Monovettes, the S4DX system also offers a complete package ready for immediate use. The unique tube barcode applied to the S-Monovette® in the factory combined with the S4DX Satellite app provides you with a fully digitalised link between specimen tube and patient order. The manual process of applying the patient label, a considerable source of errors in pre-analytics, is omitted. At the same time, you speed up your internal workflows and save valuable resources.

The advantages of the S-Monovette® pre-barcode at a glance:

Best protection against patient mix-ups
Saves time because labels do not need to be affixed
Saves costs of labels and printers
Added data value from specimen and patient information
Optimised automation through label positioning according to the CLSI standard