Company values

Our guiding principles

We create added value

As a responsibly managed family-owned company, Sarstedt feels obliged to act beyond its business objective to the benefit of society. Our products increase patient and user comfort, make laboratory work more efficient and, in this way, help to improve health care and patient care.

We are partners in medicine and science

We attach great importance to maintaining trusting relationships with our customers. Service quality, reliability and dialogue with our partners in medicine and science are our key factors for  success. We therefore consistently act in a customer-centred manner and offer a range of services which are exactly tailored to practical needs.

We promote innovation

The optimisation of products, techniques and Services is the key factor in terms of our sustainability. As part of our search to find the optimal solution, we are reviewing tried and tested approaches and are prepared to explore new possibilities. This is demonstrated by our variety of innovative products, such as our systems for blood collection, Life Science and laboratory automation.

We value cooperation

As a globally active enterprise with numerous locations and subsidiary companies, we not only cultivate co-operation with our customers, but also within the Sarstedt Group. The basis of our success is the commitment, experience and Know-How of our employees. When dealing with one another, we value fairness, respect and team spirit.

We conserve resources

We commit to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees. The use of the latest technologies is the foundation for continual improvement of environmental protection and occupational safety. We focus our efforts on harmonising economics and ecology.