Centrifugation recommendations for S-Monovettes

Centrifugation of S-Monovettes

For maximum flexibility, we have meticulously revised our current centrifugation recommendations particularly with a view to high centrifugation speeds. Intact gel layers, haemolysis, cell count in the plasma, and the stability of three cell-sensitive parameters (phosphate, glucose, LDH) over a period of seven days were taken as evaluation criteria. For the S-Monovette® Citrate, the thrombocyte count <10,000 was selected as the assessment criterion in accordance with the revised DIN 58905-1:2016-12.

You can now easily establish the ideal centrifugation time as well as optimally determine a common centrifugation index for samples with a range of preparations.

*S-Monovettes with Ø 8 mm (S-Monovettes Pediatrics) Centrifugation up to max. ≤ 2,500 x g.