Tempus600 Necto

Tempus600 Necto

Handling large quantities of samples – up to 600 at a time

The TEMPUS600 Necto is a cost-effective, automated solution for high throughput sample processing and transportation over long distances.

Necto streamlines the entire registering and sorting process, allowing samples to be transferred to up to six different targets – four distant laboratories and two local bins.

The easy usage and maintenance makes Necto the ideal utility for busy labs, where staff can now focus on other tasks at hand – thus making the workspace more efficient and less prone to sampling errors.


  • Compatible with sample tubes from well-known suppliers
  • Can be connected to lab automation and optional communication with LIS
  • Remote access & support, minimum maintenance and easy cleaning
  • The Necto system can be extended by one, two, or three extra sending modules
  • Dimensions basic system: (H x W x D) 110 x 110 x 60 cm
  • Dimensions per extra module: (H x W x D) 110 x 40 x 60 cm


  • Multiple inlet for up to 600 sample tubes at a time - capacity to handle up to 1050 sample tubes per hour
  • Sample sorting by means of barcodes, dimensions or as a combination
  • Option: Sample sorting by means of cap colour
  • Dual function – sample tubes can be loaded while the machine is sending