lumox® technology

lumox® technology

The lumox® cell culture products are characterised by their ultra-thin, gas-permeable film base. Optimum gas exchange is guaranteed due to the gas permeability and the short diffusion paths. The low autofluorescence and the good light transmission of the lumox® film leads to consistently high sensitivity in assays and during the use of imaging and reader techniques. lumox® products enable a range of applications from normal tissue culture through to automated analysis of fluorescence-based cell assays.

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    Are the cell culture products checked for the presence of pyrogens or cytotoxins?

    All of our tissue culture bottles, dishes and plates are labelled with our 'come grow with us' quality seal and certified as follows:


    Based on the LAL test as per the FDA guideline for medical devices, detection limit < 0.06 EU/ml


    In compliance with DIN EN ISO 10993 – 'Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 5 Tests on in-vitro cytotoxicity'


    As per DIN EN ISO 11137 – 'Sterilization of health care products – Validation and routine control for sterilization with radiation'

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    What is lumox®?

    lumox® is an ultra-thin, gas-permeable film which also has very good light transmission but no autofluorescence. This film forms the base of some cell culture tubes such as the lumox® dish, the lumox® multiwell and the x-well lumox® detachable. 

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    Which products are suitable for carrying out fluorescence or luminescence-based measurements of cells?

    The use of black plates is recommended for the measurement of fluorescence or luminescence in order to avoid signal crossover ('crosstalk') between the individual wells. The use of black plates also significantly reduces the variability of the results, thereby achieving a more even and more stable luminescence and fluorescence level for the respective reaction. This leads to a significantly improved reproducibility of the measurement results and therefore to increased accuracy of the measurements. lumox®multiwell products with 24, 96 or 384 wells are suitable for the microscopic assessment of such fluorescent or luminescent tests.

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    lumox® products are suitable for the cultivation of which cells?

    lumox® multiwell and x-well lumox® detachable are available with a surface which is particularly suitable for adherent cells. lumox® dish is also available with a surface for suspension cells.

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