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The High Speed Sorter – your new high-speed colleague

The optimal automation solution for your pre-analytic workflow is just as personalised as your laboratory and your day-to-day requirements and challenges. The High Speed Sorter automates your pre- and post-analytics. The modular concept allows for personalised configuration – tailor-made to suit your laboratory’s needs. Become more productive automatically – with SARSTEDT.

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Gain time: Optimal sample quality. Immediate transport. Smart workflow.

Make your pre-analytics safer, faster and more sustainable. Safer, thanks to high, reliable sample quality with the S-Monovette®. Faster, thanks to immediate, predictable sample transport with Tempus600®. More sustainable, thanks to the synergy of both systems in a modern pre-analytical workflow.

S-Monovette® and Tempus600® – even better together!

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360° solutions for your pre-analytics: SARSTEDT gives you holistic, coordinated products and systems that are consolidated in the pre-analytical workflow product range. All process steps of this workflow are important for an optimal analytical result – in the best hands from sample collection to archiving. Utilise the synergies of our systems.

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BIOFLOAT™ Nice and round!

A milestone for industry and research: The new SARSTEDT cell culture plates with high-grade anti-adhesive BIOFLOAT™ surface coating are ideal for simple and highly reproducible cultivation of perfectly circular spheroids (3D cell cultures).

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