HENm - Tube Labeller


HENm* is a compact tube labeller, which carries out the automated labelling of S-Monovettes before blood sampling as a tabletop device. Following an analysis order from the hospital information system (HIS), the laboratory information system (LIS) or a middleware software, S-Monovettes are taken from the store, patient-specific labels are printed and these are automatically applied to the tubes. This means that the necessary set of tubes and additional labels for each patient is produced, and they are issued in a tray. All of the labels are perfectly adhered and no tubes are missing.


  • Provision of patient-specific labelled S-Monovettes
  • One set per patient with additional labels and receipt printing
  • No incorrect labelling, no missing tubes
  • Perfectly positioned labels increase process security in the laboratory


This product may not be available in every country.