IVARO FD is the ideal solution for filling stock solutions, buffers and other liquids into smaller containers. The preparation of samples, the production of small product series, the production of kits and other time-consuming applications are no problem with IVARO FD. Without manual effort, with optimal speed and complete documentation, IVARO FD supports you in your processes.

Different dosing systems can be selected for the dosing of liquids, including various highly viscous, highly volatile or critical liquids. IVARO FD allows both fast and safe dosing of particularly small volumes from 0.1 μl, as well as filling tubes with several millilitres of liquid. A scale for additional filling quantity control and documentation is optionally available. Multi-step and complex workflows such as filling, labelling and weighing in enclosed tubes are just as easy to implement with IVARO FD as uncomplicated filling of open tubes. Programs can be called up flexibly and easily and adapted to your requirements. Parallel processing of several working steps enable optimal process speed, saving time and increasing your throughput.

Lab Automation: Tube Handler IVARO FD

Lab Automation: Tube Handler IVARO AP