The product portfolio for pre-analytical processes is one of the most extensive on the market.
It includes products for sample collection and for the transport and storage of diagnostic samples.  We offer a wide range of sample collection systems for the most varied of sample materials (blood, saliva, urine, faeces).
The S-Monovette®, the first fully-plastic blood collection system, is just one example of the innovativeness of our product range. For the first time ever, with the S-Monovette®, blood can be taken using two different techniques in one system – aspiration and vacuum.

The diversity in terms of dimensions, preparation and products optimally tailored to one another achieves the necessary safety and comfort of innovative blood collection systems.

Venous Blood

Flexible capillary blood collection systems such as the Microvette®, the Multivette® and the Safety-Lancet - tailor-made to the individual needs of each patient group. 

Capillary Blood

Blood gas collection systems for arterial, venous and capillary sampling with the smallest sample volumes and Ca2+ balanced heparin.

Blood gas

Diverse, user-friendly products for urine collection. Simple, hygienic use pre-analytical and post-analytical solutions.


Hygienic, safe collection of faeces samples using unbreakable polypropylene tubes and a collection scoop integrated into the screw cap.


Simple, hygienic collection of saliva for diagnosis and therapy monitoring for various different parameters.


Our wide range of transport systems for diagnostic samples offers the most varied of solutions, whether it be by air or by land (P650 IATA/ADR).


Our wide, tailor-made range of Multi-Safe disposal boxes corresponds to the current European directive on the prevention of needlestick injuries.