Software & consumables

Software & consumables

Software – Intelligent distribution, transparent configuration and simple, intuitive handling

Software design, attendance and system know-how are among SARSTEDT’s core competencies. Software development, maintenance and system know-how are among Sarstedt's expertise.

Special features:

• Easy-to-learn system operation
• Swift and simple configuration
• Transparent system status layout
• Efficient sample traceability
• Optimal archiving sample administration
• Plausibility check
• Completeness check
• Easy access to information on unidentified samples
• Comprehensive statistical functions

The program is available on a Windows-based touch panel PC which is an integral system component.

As a 'user interface', it links both the user to the automation system and the automation system to the laboratory information system (LIS) or any middleware installed. Enabling easy visualisation of system components, it portrays internal sample transport paths, logistical transfer, the orientation and filling status of the carriers on the feeding and release platforms, as well as the current status of the functional modules.

The configuration enables almost unlimited possibilities of parameter assignment to workstations, carriers, and tests, handling general and custom distribution rules as well as processing by order of precedence.
Information on the sample processing status and orders can be easily retrieved,  and empirical data compiled and printed. The period of storing information on the database can be defined to customised requirements.

Communication between the automation system and the LIS proceeds on a HL7- or ASTM-based protocol, either in the query or in the batch mode. Moreover, the system is suitably designed for use of additional interface protocols.

Consumables for the clinical laboratory

Aliquot tubes

Depending on the application, aliquot tubes with 13 or 15 mm diameter are available with and without false bottom, and push or screw cap. If required, the tubes are automatically recapped. Screw cap tubes are perfectly suited for long-term storage and transport.

Archiving caps and screw caps

Archiving caps for any tube diameter from 13 to 16 mm are ideal to minimise the evaporation of sample material during storage. Tubes can be automatically capped, and recapped if analyses need to be repeated. Screw caps are perfectly suited for long-time storage and transport tubes.

Pipette tips

Black tips are generally used to dispense samples into aliquot tubes. The fill level is determined conductively and the tip immersed for pipetting. During the pipetting process, the tip descends as fill levels drop. If the fill level has already been established via the ID module (camera), pipetting proceeds at the aliquoter using the blue standard tip. Both tips are kept on stock and used as required for a particular application.


The universal block rack, made from polypropylene, is highly resilient, stackable and autoclavable. It is ideal for use as a carrier to individual workstations at sample distribution systems as well as for archiving. The double- or quadruple-block options, in particular, provide a space-saving solution for sample backup storage. Racks are available in a range of colours for easy identification at the workstation and in archives.



HCTS 2000 MK2

HCTS 2000 MK2

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Laboratory automation for pre- and post-analytics

Laboratory automation for pre- and post-analytics

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