Purity Levels

For high-level analyses, invaluable reagents or sensitive organisms, maximum purity of the disposables in use is imperative. Consistent quality is a precondition for reproducible and reliable results. We confirm the high quality of all our products by our standard "SARSTEDT QUALITY".


For particularly sophisticated applications, Sarstedt optionally provides four different certified purity levels.

PCR Performance Tested

Products certified “PCR Performance Tested” are especially suited for applications in nucleic acid analytics.

Biosphere® plus

Thanks to their maximum purity level, “Biosphere® plus“ products are ideal for use in highly sensitive analyses.

TC Tested

The “TC Tested“ purity level certifies interference-free usage of cell culture products.

Cryo Performance Tested

For contamination-free use of cell culture products in the cryopreservation of cell and tissues cultures Sarstedt has established the ”Cryo Performance Tested“ certification.

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