We offer tailor-made product solutions for the most varied areas of use, including molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The product quality is adapted to the application, enabling the highest possible levels of reproducibility in analytics.

Clean room conditions and automated production processes are
the requirements for the certified SARSTEDT quality standards "PCR Performance Tested", "Biosphere® plus", "TC-Tested" and "Cryo Performance Tested". In this way, we can reliably prevent even the lowest levels of contamination. In order to offer necessary assurances, the certifications are continually adapted to the state of research.

Our liquid handling range includes transfer pipettes, serological pipettes and pipette tips with and without filters for a volume range of 0.1 µl–10 ml.

Liquid Handling

The wide product range provides solutions for the testing of microorganisms in microbiology – from sample collection to analysis.   


Our certified DNA-free forensic swabs are used for both collecting reference samples and capturing DNA traces at the crime scene.


Sarstedt table centrifuges with swing-out rotor – ideal for sample preparation in small and medium-sized laboratories


Sarstedt mixing systems – known for their reliability