Bulk Loader

Bulk Loader – An economical and safe solution for sample accessioning

BL 1200

• Ideal in combination with any analytical platform
• No sorting or handling required
• For all closed tubes of 75-120 mm length (with cap) and 11 - 19 mm Ø (with cap), also with false bottom
• Suited for any sample type (serum/plasma, serum gel/plasma gel, EDTA, citrate, blood sugar, urine)
• Integral ID module (barcode, cap color and shape, tube geometry)
• Gel-Check - two-stage process (camera and laser) for determining the centrifugation status of gel tubes
• Automated sample accessioning
• Customised sort rules to a variety of carrier types or bins
• Direct connection to analysis lines through the SORT CONNECT module

The innovative Bulk Loader revolutionises sample processing in the clinical laboratory. Just dump closed specimen tubes (e.g. the S-Monovette®) into the bulk loader – no sorting or handling required. Tubes are automatically placed onto the processing track of the Bulk Loader. Then the sample is identified (barcode) and the tube type and centrifugation status detected. 

Samples can be distributed and sorted into centrifuge adapters, feeder/exit trays for laboratory lines, analyser racks, standard racks, archiving racks or directly to the laboratory line via the SORT CONNECT module.

Tubes are either distributed according to defined parameters or to samplerelated information received from the LIS (laboratory information system). Plausibility checks detect and sort out error samples.

System versions:

BL 1200 - Sorting into rack systems or directly to the laboratory line

• Throughput of up to 1,200 tubes per hour
• Up to 600 tubes per sorting platform
• Up to 1,200 tubes for sorting platform
• The SORT CONNECT module connects directly to the laboratory line

Sample Registration and Pre-Sorting with HCTS2000 MK2

The HCTS2000 MK2 is designed for registration and sorting of closed, unracked primary sample tubes using the information in the barcode (material code) or received from the LIS.  The machine optimises workflow in the sample reception area in the clinical-chemical lab or Haematology department and helps to reduce Turn Around Time (TAT).  

  • Tube formats: 75 - 120 mm long (with cap), 11 - 19 mm Ø (with cap)
  • Throughput:  Up to 2,000 tubes/h
  • Sorting Options:  7 target bins, modular extensions to 12, 17 or 22 bins available
  • Sorting logic: offline: 10 freely editable and storable sorting logics, online: as determined by LIS
  • Barcodes: any type, up to 30 Digits
  • Registration: via LIS for enhanced TAT tracking

Cap Colour Identification

With this optional Feature, the cap colour of the sample tube is used as an additional sorting criterion and/ orto perform a plausibility check by comparing the preparation identified by the Barcode with the cap colour. The system can distinguish between up to 20 monochrome coloured caps. In addition, the system provides tube type detection by scanning the geometry of the tube. This ensures a secure differentiation of the individual tubes by identifying the tube type, even when using complex sample tube spectra. 
For more information about bulk-to-bulk sorting with the HCTS2000 MK2 please contact us here for the datasheet.

Hello digital! Digitalise your pre-analytics

Hello digital! Digitalise your pre-analytics



HCTS 2000 MK2

HCTS 2000 MK2

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