Tempus600 Receiving Tray

Tempus600 Receiving Tray

Ensuring a gentle arrival in the laboratory

The TEMPUS600 Receiving Tray is located in the laboratory, receiving sample tubes from Tempus600 sending stations.

The samples arrive, one by one, and are gently slowed down before arriving in the Receiving Tray. From there, they are ready to be picked up by laboratory staff.

In case of high throughput sample transportation over long distances a brake module can be fitted to increase sample throughput.


  • Soft inside to reduce landing impact
  • Lights up inside when samples arrive
  • Possible brake module and wiring for soft landing
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 28 x 43cm


  • The Receiving Tray is small and wall mounted – easy to fit in
  • Easy to access tray for cleaning
  • Minimalistic and user-friendly design