Environmental Management

Environmental Management ISO 14001

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection

SARSTEDT is committed to environmental sustainability and environmental protection for present and future generations. Our goal is to ensure carbon neutrality by the end of 2022 with regard to combustion and vehicle fuels, as well as sourced energies. With the certification of our company according to the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard, we anchor sustainability and environmental protection in the operational processes of our organisation. To ensure that the environmental aspects are fully taken into account, our environmental management system is also integrated into the EN ISO 13485 quality management system.

ISO 14001 certification

Since 16 November 2021, our locations in Nümbrecht, Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Winterborn, Rheinbach and Hemer have been ISO 14001 certified.

ISO 14001 sets requirements for our environmental management system and enables us to continuously improve our environmental performance, comply with legal obligations and achieve our environmental objectives.

Certification according to ISO 14001 defines the structure, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our operational environmental management.

We achieve the following regularly verified results:    

  • Reducing emissions, waste and wastewater
  • The targeted use of resources
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts
  • Monitoring compliance with environmental standards
  • Encouraging environmentally conscious conduct by employees
  • Improving the perception of the company among customers, partners and the public

With the implementation of ISO 14001, we are committed to environmentally conscious action along our entire value chain. From our product development, through resource-sparing production processes using environmentally friendly materials, to environmentally friendly logistics, we are constantly improving our environmental performance.