The IVARO AP is more than a liquid handler. It supports you in all types of sample preparation. It can easily fill several identical tubes simultaneously with liquid and aliquot specimens into different containers.

Whether open or closed tubes are to be processed or labelled, the IVARO AP is suitable for your process. A special feature of the IVARO AP is the variability of its tube formats. Whether you use tubes with a small diameter, such as screw cap microtubes, or larger containers, such 15 or 50 ml tubes, the IVARO AP is ready for your specimen.

The very modern pipetting system is at the heart of the IVARO AP. Its fitted capacity- and pressure-based Liquid Level Detection System (cLLD and pLLD) and precise Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) minimise pipetting imprecisions and optimise the dosing process. The clot and foam recognition allows you to pipette even challenging liquids. This guarantees excellent pipetting results, even with volatile or foaming substances.

The precise and flexible processing of your specimens by the IVARO AP ensures maximum safety and seamless documentation for every specimen and aliquot.

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