The compact, combined solution

The compact, combined solution for decapping, recapping and sorting

DC/RC 900 Flex Sorter

• Pre- and post-analytics in one compact system
• High throughput of up to 900 tubes/hour
• Processes any tube diameter from 11 to 16 mm
• Compatible with most racks or carrier types
• Online or offline operation
• Opens tubes with push caps, stoppers and screw caps
• Enables tube identification by bar code reader and colour sensor
• Can be customised to sort by tube type, barcode, material (colour), etc.
• Closes tubes with archiving caps
• Retrofitting of decapping or recapping modules is possible
• Recapping with screw caps for Sarstedt tubes with 13 or 15 mm diameter, e.g. the S-Monovette®

DC/RC 900 Flex combines pre- and post-analytics in one compact standalone system ensuring optimum capacity utilisation along with superior efficiency. Repetitive motion injuries associated with removing or manually inserting caps are eliminated, thereby protecting human resources.

All tubes of 65 to 100 mm length and 11 to 16 mm diameter are processed in a mixed operation without pre-sorting. Other tube sizes can be accommodated upon request. Push caps, stoppers and screw caps are safely removed and hygienically disposed.

The customised sample platform is compatible with most racks and carrier styles, both for analysers and archiving systems. The control software can be programmed with any tube processing criteria and is designed for online and offline operation.

Tubes with a diameter of 13–16 mm are closed with an archiving cap. The system can be designed as a decapper or recapper only and enables subsequent retrofitted.

Decapper öffnet Probengefäß
Wiederverschließen von Probenröhren mit Archivierungsstopfen
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