On track for success for more than 60 years

From a one-man operation to an international enterprise


NFT urine products

SARSTEDT's needle-free transfer (NFT) urine products were launched in 2023. The NFT system comprises a new generation of products for urine pre-analytics. It is the first SARSTEDT urine collection system for hygienic, closed and needle-free specimen collection.

25 years of SARSTEDT in Brazil

SARSTEDT celebrated its 25th anniversary in Brazil in 2023. The company has been active in the Brazilian healthcare market since 1998 and has become a leading provider of laboratory and medical technology during this time. In 2019, the production site in Porto Feliz, São Paulo, was put into operation, producing primarily the S-Monovette for the local market.

SARSTEDT Inc., USA: 50 years of success in the USA

SARSTEDT Inc., USA, was founded in 1973. Entry into the US market began with sales activities and the rental of a warehouse in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1987, the company moved to its current location with production facilities in Newton, North Carolina. In the years that followed, the company experienced steady growth. A new logistics centre was built in 2012, followed by an expansion of the production area in 2017. Today, SARSTEDT Inc., USA, is one of the leading providers of products and services in the fields of laboratory technology, medical technology and life sciences in the USA.


Installation of an in-house photovoltaic system

In the spring of 2022, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the largest production hall in the world, at the Nümbrecht – Rommelsdorf site, and commissioned in the autumn. The plant produces approx. 725,000 kWh of electricity annually with the aid of 2,184 photovoltaic modules. The electricity generated is fed into the company’s own grid, thus allowing SARSTEDT to make a sustainable contribution to resource-saving electricity generation. Additional future photovoltaic projects are being planned.

Construction of a distribution center with integrated sterilization system

Construction of the new distribution center in Nümbrecht – Elsenroth began in May. The building will be constructed according to the latest energy efficiency standards and include a high-performance photovoltaic system. Commissioning is planned for mid-2024. A modern electron sterilization system will be connected to the distribution center in a second phase of construction.  

Expansion of sales activities in Asia

Over the course of its further expansion in Asia, SARSTEDT will be opening sales offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is the next strategic step in expanding sales activities in the Asian market. 

Research Prize for Biochemical Analysis

The biochemist Prof. Dr. Kai Simons and the analytical chemist Dr. Andrej Shevchenko, as well as the transfusion medicine specialist Prof. Dr. Andreas Greinacher, will receive the research prize for biochemical analysis. The prize – sponsored by SARSTEDT in the amount of 50,000 euros – is usually awarded every two years by the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine [Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin e.V. (DGKL)].


60th Anniversary of the SARSTEDT Group

On 1 May 2021, the SARSTEDT Group celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding by Walter Sarstedt. We can look back on 60 years of growth and international expansion, fuelled by innovative strength and passion for our products and services.

We owe the story of our success to 60 years of committed cooperation, diligence, reliability, and engagement from our workforce.

To express our gratitude, we used this opportunity to raffle off 30 electric vehicles to our employees worldwide. We will provide the winners with access to electromobility through the cost-neutral use of the vehicles for 24 months. For the company, this measure reflects a contribution to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future, which we consider part of our corporate responsibility.


SARSTEDT to become Majority Shareholder of Timedico

SARSTEDT becomes majority shareholder of Timedico A/S with 80% of the company shares. The Danish manufacturer of the innovative one-touch blood sample transportation system Tempus600® expands the product range for the entire preanalytical process in hospitals and laboratories.


New administration building

In April, the foundation stone for the new administration building at the Nümbrecht location was laid. The new building provides a modern working environment for the employees and expands the existing capacity at company headquarters. The expansion will enable the company to improve the services it offers its customers.

First production site in South America

As part of its continued expansion in South America, SARSTEDT has opened its new production facility in Porto Feliz, close to the city of São Paulo. In future, the facility will assume a key role in supplying the South America region and will also provide the location for the new headquarters of the Brazilian organisation.

INJECTA GmbH building extension

At INJECTA GmbH, the foundation stone was laid for the extension to the company’s existing facilities. In order to facilitate further growth and the procurement of new production machinery, the company is extending its Klingenthal location, adding further office and production space

New building in Russia

In addition to the existing sales office in Moscow, a new production, warehouse and administrative building is being constructed in St. Petersburg. SARSTEDT is constructing the new building to respond to a continual rise in demand in the Russian market and in the neighbouring countries.

Pipette tips box system

SARSTEDT has developed a revolutionary box and refill concept for pipette tips. In line with market requirements, the universal solution stands out mainly thanks to its high level of user convenience and optimal reliability, while ensuring resources are preserved to the maximum extent.



Expansion of Asian sales activities

With the establishment of the subsidiaries in Seoul/South Korea, and Bangkok/Thailand, the expansion strategy in the important Asian markets is supported and further advanced.

Expansion of the production facility in the USA

Taking into account of the significant growth of the US market, the American production facility has been expanded and modernised and now covers around 10,000 m².

A new $50,000 injection molding machine was presented to Catawba Valley Community College at the opening ceremony in December. The new machine is designed to make the college's training even more practical.

(Pictured, from left: Mr. Peter Rumswinkel, Mr. Jürgen Sarstedt, Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, Mr. Rainer Schuster, Mr. Hans-Günter Klein)

Takeover of ASSAYMATIC GmbH

The SARSTEDT Group has acquired 100% of the shares of ASSAYMATIC GmbH, a company that develops and distributes devices, systems and software for laboratory automation.

With this acquisition, the portfolio of laboratory automation instruments has been extended to the life science sector, so that we can now also offer automation solutions for scientific laboratories and the industry with the IVARO instrument series.


Foundation of a subsidiary in Croatia

With the new location in Zagreb, Croatia, a further step has been taken to expand the worldwide sales activities, especially in Southeast Europe.


Customer Day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of starting the East German production and sales activities

On 24 September 2015 the acquisition of the companies MPL and INJECTA 25 years ago was commemorated with a Customer Day at the MPL premises in Brand-Erbisdorf.

Among the almost 250 guests were a considerable number of long-standing customers, business partners and staff members honouring this special anniversary. 

Acquisition of the direct customer business in the field of lab automation of m-u-t GmbH, Wedel/Germany

The SARSTEDT Group acquires the direct customer business in the field of lab automation of m-u-t GmbH, Wedel/Germany.

With this acquisition, SARSTEDT strengthens its wide portfolio of pre- and post-analytical solutions on the sector of laboratory automation and expands its market position as a global solution provider in this segment.

The transaction includes the takeover of the production of and global direct sales activities for the HCTS2000 MK2 and MK3 units by the international sales organisation of SARSTEDT AG & Co., as well as the service activities in Germany and the USA.


New cell culture programme

The cell culture product portfolio has been improved and expanded. The result is a wide range of high-quality cell culture products which are optimised to meet the needs of the user.

Investment in technology and development

At our headquarters in Nümbrecht, our technical centre is being expanded, with a new building dedicated to production technologies and the development of new products ready for series production.

This investment ensures and improves the company's culture of innovation and further development, and firmly reinforces our expertise in technology, as well as our commitment towards Germany as our main business site.


Walter Sarstedt

Upon the death of the company's founder, Mr Walter Sarstedt, we lost a great and exemplary employer and a highly esteemed man. His dedication for innovation and his personal interest in the well-being of both customers and employees was remarkable. In-recognition of his entrepreneural performance and his social engagement he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 1993. Walter Sarstedt has written a significant part of economic history and has built the SARSTEDT Group to become a leading medical technology enterprise. The company will continue to be run as a family business in the future, with the same entrepreneurial spirit of Walter Sarstedt.


First subsidiary in the Middle East

With the new location in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, the expansion of the global sales activities continued into the Middle East.

Formalin system

Contamination-free fixation of tissue samples in an enclosed system. The formalin system guarantees secure fixation without the user coming into contact with formalin.


Fifty years of SARSTEDT – a success story

Foreword to the anniversary catalogue:

Fifty years of SARSTEDT

This means fifty years of hard work and reliable collaboration with customers and staff.

From the start, we have endeavoured to meet the needs of our customers. This is not something that can be achieved purely through personal dedication; above all, it requires motivated and engaged employees.

Our success is the result of strong product development, a great range of high-quality production on a national and international level, and our own global sales organisation.

I would like to thank all of our customers for their confidence in Sarstedt and all our employees for their relentless support.

I aim to ensure that we endeavour to deliver high-quality, innovative products to our customers in the future.

Walter Sarstedt

Minivette® POCT

The Minivette POCT is the logical extension of the product portfolio of capillary blood collection systems. Its purpose is the precise collection of smallest capillary blood quantities and their direct delivery into POCT measuring systems. Different volumes and preparations are available.


Bulkloader BL 1200

The Bulkloader BL 1200 set a new standard for front end laboratory automation. Unsorted, bulk sample tubes are automatically recognised by the system and put in corresponding racks for further processing.

First prize for biochemical analytics

After the huge previous success of the Sarstedt research prize, which has been awarded a total of six times, the German Association for Clinical Chemistry awarded a prize of 50,000 euros for bioanalytics for the first time. By 2015, this prize sponsored by Sarstedt has been awarded four times – more will follow.



The blood mixing & weighing device TOPSWING was developed for mobile and stationary blood donation. It was well received with its innovative, three-dimensional mixing motion and convenient data transfer/storage.


Safety-Needle and Safety-Multifly®

Safety and hygiene for patients and users have always been of paramount importance to the company. In the field of blood sampling, a significant improvement was made in the prevention of needle puncture injuries with the introduction of the Safety-Needle and Safety-Multifly® to the market.


First Asian subsidiary

The first step towards expanding into Asia was made with the foundation of the branch in Tokyo, Japan.



Construction of new production site in France

Following the takeover of French company Rhodiaval in Besançon in 1990, the newly constructed modern manufacturing site for the production of laboratory products was opened.



First South American subsidiary

The foundation of the first sales branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was another milestone reached in the company's successful global expansion.




In the same year, the Microvette® was introduced – an ideal system for capillary blood collection, with two sampling techniques (using the end-to-end capillary or the special rim).


New form of incorporation

The former sole proprietorship Walter Sarstedt becomes a limited share company (AG). This change takes account of the dynamic development of the company and creates the foundations for the generational succession. Walter Sarstedt's children, Doris and Jürgen Sarstedt, who already held active postions within the company become shareholders and members of the newly formed Supervisory Board.

(Picture: Mrs Doris Sarstedt and Mr Walter Sarstedt)


Laboratory automation

Pre-analytical laboratory automation systems were developed in order to support our customers in establishing optimal and efficient processes in the medical laboratory.
The main focus is to make the processes of pre-sorting, aliquoting, opening and closing of samples containers safer, more accurate and more efficient.


Biosphere® filter tips

In order to meet the highest standards in research and diagnostics, Sarstedt developed the Biosphere® quality seal. Clean room conditions, trained personnel in protective clothing as well as optimised production processes are the prerequisites needed to ensure the certified absence of biomolecules.


Multi-Safe disposal boxes

By introducing the Multi-Safe disposal boxes, Sarstedt contributed towards the safe and user-friendly disposal of sharp and hazardous objects for the in-patient and out-patient sector.


First Australian manufacturing and sales site

With the acquisition of the company Disposable Products (dp) – a manufacturer of laboratory and medical devices – in Adelaide, the first production site in Australia as well as the sales organisation for this continent was taken over from dp.

Cell culture product range

For successful in vitro cultivation of cells, Sarstedt introduced cell culture bottles, dishes and plates made from polystyrene for adherent and suspension cells.


Takeover of the companies MPL, INJECTA

The reunification of Germany opened new doors for the company, which proceeded to take over two former publicly-owned companies in Saxony: MPL in Weigmannsdorf and INJECTA in Klingenthal.
MPL expanded the product portfolio with medical devices, such as urine drainage systems.
INJECTA, as a manufacturer of medical cannulae, needles and precision tubes, also contributed a new product segment.


Opening of our R&D Centre

As a leading producer of consumables for medicinal and scientific use, we seek to develop innovative products and customised solutions. In order to realise this in optimal manner and environment, our dedicated R&D Centre in Rommelsdorf was opened-an investment for a successful future.

S-Sedivette® and Sediplus®

The innovative blood sedimentation systems Sedivette® and Sediplus® were developed to ensure considerably more hygienic and convenient working methods for determining blood sedimentation rates.


First production site in the USA

Taking into account the continually growing US market, the American company office in Princeton was relocated to Newton, NC, and the first production site was put into operation there.


25th company anniversary and first research prize

Central to our history is the company's 25th anniversary, the expansion of the company and the funding of science.
To highlight just one of the events, on the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, the Sarstedt research prize was awarded for the first time on 4 February 1986. This award, which included 50,000 Deutsche Mark in prize money, was advertised internationally and awarded for significant work in the field of diagnostic methods for the early recognition of diseases. The first prize winners were Prof. J. Klose and Prof. P. H. O'Farrell, who received this award for the development of high-resolution, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. The Sarstedt research prize has been awarded a total of six times up to 2007.

(Pictured, from left: Prof. P.H. O'Farrell, Mr Walter Sarstedt and Prof. J. Klose)

Foundation stone laid for new head office

The continually strong growth of the company calls for additional capacity. In 1986, Walter Sarstedt and his son Jürgen laid the foundation stone for the new head office in Nümbrecht/Rommelsdorf. Here, Setting the course for the future expansion will take place.


S-Monovette® and cannulae

Six years after the introduction of the Luer Monovette®, the S-Monovette® and the corresponding cannulae comprised the first closed all-plastic blood sampling system. Blood collection was revolutionised: for the first time the user could decide between two sampling techniques using the S-Monovette® (vacuum or aspiration principle).


Screw cap micro tubes

With the development and introduction of screw cap micro tubes, Sarstedt established a new class of safe screw cap tubes. The combination of stable polypropylene tubes and extra-safe screw closure with an O-ring seal has proven its worth time and again. Today, screw cap micro tubes are essential for research and diagnostics.


Luer Monovette®

Subsequent further development of the original Monovette® from 1971 led to the development of the Luer Monovette® which enabled blood sampling in a pre-prepared tube and further processing in the laboratory in just one product.


First North American subsidiary

Foundation of the first North American branch in Princeton, USA, near New York.


Square cuvette

Sarstedt was one of the first companies to introduce a plastic cuvette. As it was no longer necessary to clean the glass cuvettes, the processes in the field of photometric measurement were made considerably shorter and simpler.


First European subsidiary

Just 10 years after founding the company, the first European branch was established in Leicester, in the UK, laying the foundations for further international expansion.

Venous blood collection system

The first venous blood collection system, the predecessor to today's S-Monovette®, is presented. It is available in three sizes with various preparations.


Reaction tubes

The laboratory product range is extended to include a diverse range of reaction tubes with attached lids.


Round bottom tubes

As a further development of the tablet containers, a round bottom tube with a stopper for use in laboratories was added to the product range.


The first product

The first product was a plastic container for tablets for Bayer Leverkusen. Over time, this replaced the aluminium and glass containers that had been used previously.



On 1 May 1961, the company's founder, Walter Sarstedt, laid the foundations of the company, which rapidly developed over the next few years. In Rommelsdorf, a district of Nümbrecht, he started production in a small Workshop.

(Picture: Mr Walter Sarstedt)