Safety-Multifly® needle, 21G x 3/4'', green, tube length: 80 mm, 1 piece(s)/blister

Order number: 85.1638.203
Safety-Multifly® needle, 21G x 3/4'', green, tube length: 80 mm, 1 piece(s)/blister

Product description

Order number 85.1638.203
Product description Safety-Multifly® needle, needle (ØxL): 21G x 3/4'', coding colour: green, tube length: 80 mm, with Luer (f), DEHP-free, 1 piece(s)/blister, sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, 120 piece(s)/case
PZN number 6797488

Product characteristics

Design Luer (f)
Coding colour green
Safety product yes
Connection Luer (m)


Diameter of needle (external) 21 G / 0,8 mm
Diameter of tube 2.3 mm
Length of needle 19 mm
Length of tube 80 mm

Purity & certification

Product category Medical device
CE certified CE 0124 (DEKRA)
Purity standard sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free
Sterilisation Gas sterilisation
Pyrogen-free yes
Plasticiser DEHP-free
Batched yes


Minimum order qty. 480
Type of smallest subpackaging blister
Piece(s) / inner box 120
Piece (s) / outer case 480
Piece(s) / pallet 20640
Depth of box 224 mm
Width of box 214 mm
Height of box 171 mm
Depth of case 442 mm
Width of case 358 mm
Height of case 240 mm
Case volume 0.038 cbm
Weight of product 0.0024 kg
Weight of case 2.87 kg
EAN of inner box 4038917423908
EAN case 4038917423618
Product specification
Gentle to animals

Gentle to animals

Safety-Multifly® Needle without Multi-Adapter

Safety-Multifly® Needle without Multi-Adapter

Blood collection systems for paediatrics

Blood collection systems for paediatrics

Ordering Information Blood Collection Systems

Ordering Information Blood Collection Systems


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    Why are there various tube lengths for the Safety-Multifly® Needle?

    There are two tube lengths: 200 mm and 80 mm. The Safety-Multifly® Needle with tube length 200 mm is intended for blood collection in adults. The Safety-Multifly® Needle with tube length 80 mm has been specially developed for blood collection in children, in order to keep the dead volume and therefore the blood loss/unusable blood volume as low as possible.

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    Can the Safety-Multifly® Needle be used for short-term infusions?

    Yes, the Safety-Multifly® Needle is manufactured from DEHP-free materials and is therefore authorised for short-term infusions.

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    Do the needle systems for the S-Monovette® contain latex?

    The valve rubber contains natural rubber. Natural rubber is manufactured from the milk of the hevea brasiliensis tree (latex milk), but the manufacturing process differs fundamentally from that of typical latex products such as disposable gloves. Natural rubber is vulcanised at temperatures between 160°C and 180°C. At these temperatures, the proteins which remain in the rubber mixture after the filtering process are generally denatured. Since the proteins in latex are the main cause of allergic reactions to latex items, it can be assumed that this cause will no longer exist.

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    Do the needle systems for the S-Monovette® contain nickel?

    Yes, as the stainless steel used to produce medicinal needles has to contain a certain proportion of nickel in order to increase the quality. The steel corresponds to the standard requirements of medicinal needles. There are no indications of possible allergic reactions caused by brief contact with the needle.

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    Should the S-Monovette® needles be bent before puncture in order to achieve a flat injection angle?

    Bending the needles before use should be avoided under all circumstances as this prevents the product from being sterile, and the decrease in the cross section of the needle tube can cause haemolysis. A flat injection angle is absolutely guaranteed by the slim design of the (Safety-)S-Monovette® Needle, without any bending being necessary.

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    Which needles should be used to collect blood for the determination of heavy metals?

    It is recommended that the Safety Needle for Metal Analysis (product number 85.1162.600) be used in combination with the S-Monovette® Metal Analysis (product number 01.1604.400).

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    How are the needle systems for the S-Monovette® packed?

    All (Safety-)S-Monovette® Needles and (Safety-)Multifly® Needles are individually packed and are sterile and pyrogen-free.

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    Are there special needles for collecting blood from infants?

    Yes, there is a special needle for collecting blood from infants: the Micro Needle in needle sizes 21G, 23G and 25G is particularly suitable for this as it has a short needle (minimal blood loss, reduced risk of clotting), free 360° rotatability for difficult veins, and a handle.

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