Sarstedt Research Prize 1990

(Walter Sarstedt, Dr. E. A. Bayer, Prof. Dr. M. Wilchek, Prof. Dr. Dr. Wisser)

On 13 June 1990, the Sarstedt Research Prize was awarded for the third time by the German Society for Clinical Chemistry as part of the opening ceremony for Sarstedt’s new research and development centre.

The President of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Dr. Wisser, presented the Sarstedt Research Prize, worth DM 50,000, to Prof. Dr. M. Wilchek of Rehovot, Israel, and Dr. E. A. Bayer, of the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel.

Both prize winners received the award for their fundamental work in the use of the biotin-avidin system in biomedical analysis, the ligand receptor system, which has been applied in a wide range of areas of biomedical research.

The use of naturally occurring biochemical binding principles between the substances avidin and biotin enable numerous analytical procedures today, which are used for the early detection of diseases and disease predispositions.

With the biotin-avidin system, the two prize winners provided an important method for a range of disciplines, such as biology, biochemistry, medicine and genetics.