SAHARA 4 – dry tempering of blood components

The new generation

Innovative, safe and versatile! The SAHARA 4 is a tempering system, which can be used to thaw or warm bags of frozen blood products prior to transfusion. The tempering is a dry process, without the use of water as a heat-transferring medium. Heat is conducted by a heating plate with four separate zones and via forced convection through swirled and heated circulating air.

The SAHARA 4 is the successor to the SAHARA-III device, which has proven itself on the market for many years.

Safe tempering

  • The risk of contamination from water-borne pathogens, as can occur with traditional water baths, is avoided
  • Active drying of the storage bag surface provides hygienic conditions in the area immediately surrounding the blood product
  • Automatic system test every time it is started up
  • Excess temperature alarm and shut-down
  • Standardized thawing and heating process

Tempering function

  • Warms to a constant ambient temperature that can be pre-selected to between 37 °C and 42 °C
  • Blood products are available quickly thanks to automatic physical state detection and the convenient ability to switch bags during the ongoing tempering process
  • Reduced thawing time
  • Transparent cover and internal illumination for visual checks on blood products
  • Removal reminder for each blood product
  • Blood bag agitation using innovative tilting and agitating motion of the heating plate
  • Delayed key response prevents unintentional interruption of the tempering process

Integrated function test

  • Inspection of device functions
  • Use of additional measuring apparatus not required
  • Documentation with digital signature via USB stick possible

Data management

  • Optional feature for recording registration data, such as user and blood bag number, as well as the temperature progression for each individual bag
  • Automatic storage of the recorded data on an external storage medium (USB stick)
  • Status display for external storage medium
  • Display for the number of saved data sets for the current day and for data sets that are not saved
  • Fast and safe reading of registration data via barcode reader (optional)
  • Easy import of the saved data in standard data processing software

Easy operation and cleaning

  • Pre-setting of tempering times is not required
  • Intuitive operator guide via color touch display
  • Easy cleaning of the device thanks to removable heating plate, positioning frame and collection tray

How does the SAHARA 4 differ from the SAHARA-III?

Property SAHARA 4 SAHARA-III basic model
Dry tempering + +
Number of blood products 4 3
Individual temperature monitoring per blood product + -
Blood bags can be switched during the ongoing tempering process + -
Visual inspection + -
Data management + -