IsoFreeze® Rack

IsoFreeze® Rack - now also for Micro Tubes

Several sample preparations require consistent and reliable sample cooling. For thermosensitive applications like, for example, enzyme examinations, PCR, or cell-based assays, but also for gentle sample thawing and stopping of reactions, our IsoFreeze® Rack serves as a pipetting and storage station with reliable cooling.

The new IsoFreeze® Rack accommodates up to 24 Micro Tubes and screw cap micro tubes with volumes up to 1.5 ml and 2,0 ml. When the product leaves the optimal temperature range, a clearly visible colour change - from purple to pink - enables visual temperature control. At room temperature conditions and with the cap closed, the product can keep the sample temperature below +4°C for a maximum of three hours. Sample storage on ice is not necessary, minimising the contamination hazard.

Along with the IsoFreeze® PCRRack, the new cooling rack ideally complements our comprehensive product portfolio.

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