Cell strainers

SARSTEDT cell strainers for the filtration of cell suspensions – quick and easy!

The new SARSTEDT cell strainers provide an innovative, quick and easy-to-handle solution for the preparation of single-cell suspensions (primary cell cultures, flow cytometry). Three high-grade nylon mesh options are available: 40, 70 and 100 µm. The following features and benefits facilitate the working process and reduce contamination risks:

  • Colour code – 40 μm (blue), 70 μm (white) and 100 μm (yellow) for quick identification of the pore size.
  • The cell strainers are individually wrapped in a sterile paper/plastic packaging. The circumferentially enclosed design enables convenient removal of the entire product complete with the handle, minimising the risk of unintended contamination of the sample by touching the filter.
  • Four cams on the frame ensure continuous ventilation during filtration. This reduces the ”Air-Lock“ effect, i.e. a risk causing the cell suspension to overflow.
  • The cell strainers are stackable enabling multi-stage filtration of cell suspensions e.g. following organ digestion for establishing a primary cell culture.
  • The cell strainers are compatible with standard 50 ml centrifugation tubes.
  • The adapter enables the use of a range of other tubes with a smaller diameter (e.g. 15 ml centrifugation tubes or 12 x 75 mm FACS tubes).

Please see our flyer for more detailed information on SARSTEDT’s cell strainers.


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