White PCR strips

White PCR strips optimised for qPCR

White tubes and plates enable maximum fluorescence reflection in qPCR. Comparing to transparent products, a 10x higher fluorescence level can generally be measured with white disposables.

The optimised Multiply®-µStrips provide considerable advantages and benefits: 

• Convincingly enhanced PCR sensitivity at low template concentrations
• Prevention of „crosstalk“ between the wells
• Reduced reagent volumes without significant changes to the stability or sensitivity – leading to considerably lower reagent costs 
• Enhanced reproducibility of results
• Improved signal/background ratio

Our optimised PCR strips are DNA-free, DNase/RNase-free and PCR inhibitor-free, enabling an optimal temperature transfer thanks to the thin-walled wells.

Order No. Multiply®-µStrip, white: 72.985.092

For effective closure, our range includes compatible, highly transparent Multiply® Lid Strips – Order No. 65.989.002


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