COVID-19: Virus diagnostics products

Easy saliva collection and secure transport with the new SARSTEDT products


SARSTEDT now offers validated containers for saliva collection for virus diagnostics: Monovette® VD, V-Monovette® VD and Salivette® VD. By using these simple and non-invasive sampling methods, you can reduce the COVID-19 infection risk for your staff.


Easy sample collection by the patient

Saliva testing has become particularly important and is ideal for screening for SARS-CoV-2. Saliva collection using gargling and  or the Salivette® offers the key advantage that the user can collect the saliva themselves under supervision. 

As employees are at a greater distance from the patients than with the nose and throat swab method, their risk of infection is reduced.

Both the gargling and the Salivette® saliva collection methods are a more pleasant experience for the patient than the commonly used nose and throat swab method.


Safe processing by your staff

 All three virus diagnostic products (Monovette® VD, V-Monovette® VD and Salivette® VD) can be handled and processed safely and easily.The sample collected can be transported to the laboratory securely sealed in a secondary container.