TC Inserts

Sarstedt TC Inserts – Hanging inserts for tissue culture plates

Sarstedt TC Inserts are easy-to-use sterile inserts available in three sizes and compatible with our 6, 12 and 24 Well tissue culture plates.  In combination with these TC plates, the inserts form a 2-compartment tissue culture system enabling users to carry out a multitude of experiments:

• The 2-compartment system provides a cell environment that is very similar to the in vivo situation.
• Thanks to the suspended design, cells can be cultivated undamaged in the Well and the TC Insert.
• Due to the asymmetric position of the TC Inserts, the medium in the Well of the tissue culture plate can be easily changed.
• The inserts feature an ultra-thin, microporous membrane available in five different pore sizes in a range of 0.4 to 8 µm.

Please refer to our brochure for further information on the Sarstedt TC Inserts.

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