S-Monovette® RNA Exact

The new S-Monovette® RNA Exact is the key to exact results

Blood samples are an easily accessible source of the RNA biomarker, which can be used extremely effectively for gene expression analysis. RNA obtained from blood samples also has the potential to be used as a surrogate for the diagnosis of infections or cancer, autoimmune diseases and metabolic diseases. 

However, RNA’s lack of stability limits its use as a biomarker as it is very quickly degraded by ubiquitous enzymes, referred to as RNases. With some genes, the process of collecting a blood sample can also result in unnatural expression changes (e.g. induction of stress genes) as the cells normally remain alive in the sample container temporarily following collection of the sample. This can cause the RNA quantity in the sample to not only decrease but also in some cases to increase abnormally, meaning that the analysis no longer reflects the situation that existed at the time the sample was taken. 

The new S-Monovette® RNA Exact solves these problems and makes the gene expression pattern that actually exists accessible for subsequent analyses. The innovative preparation solution of the S-Monovette® RNA Exact prevents an unnatural induction of the gene expression following collection of the sample and immediately protects all the RNA contained in the sample against degradation. Using the S-Monovette® RNA Exact helps to ensure standardisation in sample collection for subsequent gene expression analyses. The S-Monovette® RNA Exact guarantees exact results – do not settle for anything less!

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