S-Monovette® Lithium-Heparin Gel+

S-Monovette® Lithium-Heparin Gel+ – Established sample quality with shorter turn-around time

The introduction of the S-Monovette® Lithium-Heparin Gel+ adds another S-Monovette® to our range of products for blood collection systems that differs from the S-Monovette® Lithium Heparin Gel with a centrifugation time that is up to 50% shorter.

The benefits

  • Up to 50% shorter centrifugation time
  • Quicker therapeutic decisions
  • Optimal device utilisation with improved workflow

The halving of the centrifugation time accordingly reduces the turn-around time (TAT). The turnaround time is the total processing time of a sample – from blood collection through to the sample result. This achieves significantly quicker laboratory results that are incorporated into therapeutic decisions. This shortened time affects the vitally important care of the patient in emergency diagnostics in particular.

By improving the rheological properties of the established polyacrylate gel, the centrifugation time of the S-Monovette Lithium Heparin Gel+ can be reduced by up to 50%, while still retaining full sample quality, and the workflow, and thereby device utilisation, in the laboratory is optimised.

The S-Monovette® Lithium Heparin Gel+ has been tested and validated in a comparative study with 30 donors using Roche devices and is available in the volumes 2.7 ml, 4.0 ml and 4.9 ml.

You can find more information about our study in our leaflet. You can also request the study using our contact form.

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