Microvette® APT

Microvette® APT – Automated Processing Tube

For routine capillary blood analysis

Flexible collection technique – Automated processing – Shorter turn-around time 

Flexible capillary blood collection with end-to-end capillary or collection rim

Capillary blood collection is an important part of the treatment of pediatric, geriatric, and oncology patients. It is used when venous blood collection is not possible due to difficult vein conditions.

With the Microvette® APT, SARSTEDT provides a flexible and simple option for capillary blood collection. The Microvette® APT is available in two designs with either a 250 µl or 500 µl maximum fill volume. Both options have identical 75 x 13 mm external tube dimensions with a false bottom, feature a thin collection rim, are prepared with K2 EDTA, and have a pierceable and leak resistant cap. The 250 µl size additionally offers an end-to-end capillary for collection.

Available in ISO and EU colour code

Microvette® APT 250 – with end-to-end capillary

The Microvette® APT 250 has an integrated end-to-end capillary for a precise filling volume of 250 µl. After the end-to-end capillary is filled completely, the sample is conveniently and hygienically transferred to the tube in an upright position. This ensures that the exact blood volume of 250 µl is in the tube.

Microvette® APT 500 – collection rim

The Microvette® APT 500 has a variable filling volume of 250 to 500 µl. It is the ideal sample tube for blood analysis systems that require sample volumes between 250 and 500 µl. Collection via the entire collection rim promotes optimum mixing of blood and anticoagulant, preventing clot formation.

Automated sample processing 

The Microvette® APT is specially designed to meet all the important processing requirements of a primary container for automated blood analysis systems. The standard dimensions of 75 x 13 mm also provide sufficient space for patient labels.

The pierceable and leak-resistant cap makes it possible to carry out automated blood analysis in the same way as with venous samples.

Shorter turn-around time

The Microvette® APT meets the requirements of the ADR/RID Packing Instruction P650 for primary containers and is also suitable for in-house transport by pneumatic transport systems and newer transport systems such as the Tempus600®, see figure below.

Preanalytical sources of error can be minimized with the Microvette® APT using the same procedures as routine venous samples. The Microvette® APT enables the turn-around time (TAT) in capillary blood analysis to be improved and avoids repeated blood collection, which benefits patients.