Cooperation SARSTEDT

Trust in your cooperation with SARSTEDT

Even in these times of turbulence and unrest, we are your reliable partner, covering the demands of medical diagnostics, clinical laboratories, research and science with high-quality products and services day by day.

We accept this responsibility

The pandemic has been confronting us with the major challenge of meeting the rapid increase in demand and maintaining the best possible solutions for supplies and services. Sometimes, the enormous demand exceeds even our available capacities, which is why we are constantly expanding our means of performance. In a constructive dialogue with our customers, we aim to source individual solutions to flexibly respond to supply bottlenecks as they accrue.

The dynamic development in these recent months affecting all of us in both our private life and business environment poses additional challenges for the present and the future. Prepared to master these situations, we at SARSTEDT are continuously optimising our internal processes especially with regard to an even improved security of supply and service, efficiency, as well as cost reduction. 

Local production with a high degree of vertical integration to ensure supply availability 

The very essence of our family-owned company's strategy and self-perception is to manufacture products locally and in our own production facilities in the core markets of Germany, Europe, North and South America, and Australia (resulting in a 95% vertical range of manufacture within the company). This concept has definitely proven its worth especially in times of crisis, and is the backbone of our stable supply chains. SARSTEDT's high delivery capability decisively contributes to securing healthcare supplies.

Safety is an added value

The global economic environment with its explosive rise in prices for raw materials, energy and logistics cannot be fully compensated by us. The reliability of a resilient supply chain comes at a price. Nonetheless, we are trying to keep the significant cost increases and the resulting necessary price adjustments as tolerable as possible for our customers. We consider transparent communication and cooperative teamwork, especially in a challenging market situation, the basis of a successful business partnership.

Quality comes first

We are working with unwavering commitment to develop excellent solutions, to produce locally, and to ensure reliable supplies. Quality is our top priority. The great trust you place in our products and services is our motivation to become even better every day.

Shaping the future together

We invest in people and innovations. This is the basis of our success as a leading global supplier and strong partner for instruments and disposables for medicine and science. Today and in the future - trust in SARSTEDT’s reliability.

We will be glad to answer your individual questions and look forward to a continued successful, long-term and cooperative partnership.