Colour coding

Colour coding in blood collection

Between recommendation and practice

The cap colours of the blood collection tubes play a significant role in the visual identification of the preparations.

With the ‘EU colour code’ (based on BS 4851) and the ‘US colour code’ (based on ISO 6710), Sarstedt’s product portfolio contains the two most common current variants of colour coding in blood collection.
SARSTEDT can thus ensure that all customer requirements and preferences are satisfied in full.

ISO 6710:2017, published in July 2017, met the desire for a worldwide standardisation of cap colours for blood collection tubes; this was incorporated in Annex F of this document as a recommendation. As per the wording in the introduction of the ISO document, in the next five years the market will decide on the extent to which the current recommendation will become binding the next time the document is revised.

Should you already be interested in switching now, SARSTEDT will be able to implement your plans.
As an expert and service-orientated partner, SARSTEDT can offer you the full portfolio of blood collection systems in line with ISO 6710:2017.

We will be happy to provide you with advice and support during the switching process.