UV cuvette,LCH 15mm,with cap

Order number: 67.759.001
UV cuvette,LCH 15mm,with cap

Product description

Order number 67.759.001
Product description UV cuvette, Minimum sample vol.: 50 µl, 2 sides optical, height:45 mm, layer thickness: 10 mm, height centre: 15 mm, suitable for analyses beg. at 220 nm, certified free of DNA/RNase & protein, 100 pcs./Styrofoam cont. (w/ individually sealed lids)

Product characteristics

Type of cap Push cap
Volume of work 50 µl - 0.5 ml
Number of optical sides 2
Layer thickness 10 mm
Centre height 15 mm
Wavelength in the cuvette area 220 nm


Max. volume 2,5 ml
Width of product 12 mm
Height of product 45 mm

Material & colours

Product material Special plastic
Colour of product transparent
Cap material Low Density Polyethylene (LD-PE)
Colour of cap red

Purity & certification

Purity standard DNA/RNase/protein-free
Lot or serial number Lot number


Minimum order qty. 400
Type of inner packaging Box
Pcs. / inner box 100
Pcs. / box 400
Pcs. / pallet 31200
Depth of box 222 mm
Width of box 202 mm
Height of box 56 mm
Depth of case 418 mm
Width of case 278 mm
Height of case 130 mm
Case volume 0,0151 cbm
Weight of case 1,41 kg
EAN of inner box 4038917264501
EAN of outer box 4038917264495
Product specification


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    Can the 80.625 swab be autoclaved?

    Our 80.625 swab cannot be autoclaved. The tube in the swab is made out of the autoclavable plastic polypropylene, but both the cap (polyethylene) and the swab stem (polystyrene) are not autoclavable. This is due to the low temperature resistance of the PE and PS plastic, which have a maximum long-term use temperature of 60–80°C. Autoclaving is carried out at temperatures of at least 121°C and it is not possible to rule out an impairment of the product as a result of this.

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    How is the centre height (Z) of cuvettes defined?

    The distance between the base of the cuvette and the centre of the photometer light beam is defined as the centre height (Z). The centre height can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of photometer, which is why Sarstedt offers UV cuvettes in two different centre heights (Z = 8 mm and Z = 15 mm). If customers do not know the exact centre height of the photometer, this information can be requested from the device manufacturer.

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    Are there cuvettes which are suitable for fluorescence measurements?

    Fluorescence measurements are carried out at a 90° angle to the direction of the photometer beam and can therefore only be used in quadruple optical cuvettes. We offer a quadruple optical cuvette made of polystyrene (67.754) or PMMA (67.755) especially for this application.

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    In which wavelength range can Sarstedt cuvettes be used?

    Thanks to their optical properties, our polystyrene cuvettes can be used from the visual range to the UV range to 330 nanometres (nm). In contrast to this, acrylic (PMMA) cuvettes are characterised by a high level of transparency in the UV range and can therefore be used to approximately 300 nm. The plastic material of the UV cuvette enables measurements in the UV range from a wavelength of 220 nm.

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