Serological pipette, with tip, plugged, 10 ml, sterile, 25 piece(s)/bag

Order number: 86.1254.025
Serological pipette, with tip, plugged, 10 ml, sterile, 25 piece(s)/bag

Product description

Order number 86.1254.025
Product description Serological pipette, with tip, plugged, 10 ml, coding colour: orange, material: PS, sterile, 25 piece(s)/bag

Product characteristics

Colour of print/label orange
Graduation yes
Design with tip, plugged
Volume of work 10 ml
Coding colour orange


Diameter 10 mm
Length of product 335 mm

Material & colours

Product material Polystyrene (PS)
Colour of product transparent

Purity & certification

Product category no medical device | IVD
Purity standard sterile
Sterilisation Gamma irradiation
Batched yes


Minimum order qty. 500
Type of smallest subpackaging bag
Piece(s) / inner box 25
Piece (s) / outer case 500
Piece(s) / pallet 27000
Depth of case 413 mm
Width of case 250 mm
Height of case 270 mm
Case volume 0.0279 cbm
Weight of product 0.0091 kg
Weight of case 5.26 kg
EAN of inner box 4038917127318
EAN case 4038917021135
Product specification
Cell- and tissue culture

Cell- and tissue culture




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    What is the dose accuracy of the Sarstedt serological pipettes?

    Our serological pipettes are tested in accordance with ISO 12771. The dose accuracies are below the following tolerance limits:

    50 ml pipette – better than +- 2% (+- 1,000 μl)

    25 ml pipette – better than +- 2% (+- 500 μl)

    10 ml pipette – better than +- 2% (+- 200 μl)

      5 ml pipette – better than +- 2% (+- 100 μl)

      2 ml pipette – better than +- 3% (+- 60 μl)

      1 ml pipette – better than +- 5% (+- 50 μl)

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    Why do the serological pipettes have a negative graduation which goes beyond the volume indicated?

    The negative graduation printed on the pipettes increases the possible pipetting volume of the values nominally indicated on the pipettes. In this way, if the nominally indicated volume of the pipette is exceeded slightly it is not necessary to use the next largest serological pipette, but rather an accurate pipetting process can be carried out with the pipette currently in use. Example: you are working with a 25 ml pipette but want to transfer 32 ml of liquid. The negative graduation means that this is also possible with the 25 ml pipette accurately and without any problems.

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