Absorbent liner, suitable for Mailing container 126 x 30 mm, (LxW): 75 x 90 mm

Order number: 78.670
Absorbent liner, suitable for Mailing container 126 x 30 mm, (LxW): 75 x 90 mm

Product description

Order number 78.670
Product description Absorbent liner, suitable for Mailing container 126 x 30 mm, (LxW): 75 x 90 mm, 1,000 piece(s)/case

Product characteristics

Application Mailing of samples, Multi-Safe disposel boxes
Suitable for Mailing container 126 x 30 mm


Width of product 90 mm
Length of product 75 mm

Material & colours

Product material cellulose

Purity & certification

Product category no medical device | IVD
Batched no


Minimum order qty. 4000
Type of smallest subpackaging case
Piece(s) / inner box 1000
Piece (s) / outer case 4000
Piece(s) / pallet 72000
Depth of case 515 mm
Width of case 360 mm
Height of case 360 mm
Case volume 0.0667 cbm
Weight of product 0.001 kg
Weight of case 4.36 kg
EAN of inner box 4038917377492
EAN case 4038917159937
Product specification


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    What do P650 "light" and "exempt human specimen" mean?

    This is an exemption under category B (infectious substances allocated UN3373), but only applies if there is a professional assessment (e.g. from a doctor) stating that the patient samples to be shipped have no or minimal likelihood of containing a pathogen.

    This assessment should be made on the basis of the known patient history, symptoms and individual background of the patient.

    When being shipped, the samples must be packaged in accordance with P650. This exemption is not subject to the regulations of ADR and can therefore be transported with a courier driver with the label "EXEMPT HUMAN SPECIMEN" or "EXEMPT ANIMAL SPECIMEN".

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    Can the transport cases be shipped in accordance with P650 ADR?

    The transport cases have a confirmation from BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) that they can be shipped in accordance with P650 ADR. Certification of this can be requested from customer services.

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    What is the correct method for disposing of a cool transport container?

    We recommend that cool transport containers are disposed of after five years. If you wish to dispose of the container, please ask for the safety data sheet.

    You can use this data sheet to contact your regional disposal company, which will be able to give you information on how to dispose of the container in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

    Please note that disposal regulations may differ from region to region.

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    Can the foam inside the transport cases be replaced?

    The foam attached inside the transport case cannot be replaced.

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    What does "three-component packaging" mean in terms of the shipping of diagnostic samples in substance class UN3373?

    In accordance with the packaging instructions P650, packaging for UN3373 must consist of at least three components:

    - a primary tube

    - a secondary tube

    - outer packaging.

    It is necessary to ensure that the two tubes are impervious to liquids (if liquid substances are being shipped) and one of the two has an internal pressure of 95 kPa (0.95 bar) with no loss of filling material.

    An absorbent material which can soak up the entire filling quantity must be inserted between the two tubes. 

    At least one of the surfaces of the outer packaging must have minimum dimensions of 100 x 100 mm. 

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    How are the Transport Cases cleaned?

    Wipe disinfection is recommended as a method of cleaning as this method rules out the risk of the product being subjected to mechanical or thermal stress. 

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    Can the mailing containers be sent by post?

    In accordance with the regulations of Deutsche Post AG and the packaging directive P650 IATA/ADR, the mailing containers are a valid shipping system.

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    For which products are the mailing containers designed?

    The mailing containers can be used for all Sarstedt mailing containers, and their integrated locking mechanism and the attached foam bag offer optimal fixation and padding of the secondary tube.

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