Clinic and Transfusion

Clinic and Transfusion

SARSTEDT focuses on the areas of blood bag warming, urine drainage systems and blood bag tube strippers in the product segments of clinical care and transfusion.

The innovative dry temperature control, without the use of water as a heat transfer medium, ensures hygienic and effective heating of blood products.

For patient-friendly care of incontinence or catheter patients, we provide urine drainage systems and accessories that ensure safe and hygienic patient care.

For the stripping of blood bag tubes in the manufacturing process of blood preserves, we offer a tube stripper which is motor-driven for high user convenience.

Extensive product range of urine drainage and measuring systems for inpatient care through to incontinence care for mobile patients.

Urine drainage

Sarstedt offers different utensils and accessories to ensure smooth and hygienic procedures in day-to-day ward operation.


Intraoperative heat loss can lead to exposure and perioperative hypothermia in patients. These risks can be counteracted with thawing and warming devices from the 'SAHARA' product range.


We offer established devices for sterile sealing and stripping of blood bag tubes for use in blood banks.