BL 1200 ID

BL 1200 with extended function

The BL 1200 can be arranged as a front end sorter ahead of an integral laboratory line and included in the fully automated processes of a medical laboratory.

The innovative Bulk Loader revolutionises sample processing in the clinical laboratory.  Just drop closed specimen tubes (e.g. S-Monovette®) into the Bulk Loader – no sorting or handling required. Tubes are automatically placed onto the processing track of the Bulk Loader. Then the barcode and sample type (serum, EDTA, citrate, etc.) are identified via the integral ID module.

Samples are sorted into centrifuge adapters, feeder/exit trays for laboratory lines, analyser racks, standard racks, BL 1200 carriers or BL 2000 bins per customer specifications.

  • Tubes are either distributed according to defined parameters or to sample-related information received from the LIS (laboratory information system). Plausibility checks detect and sort out error samples.
  • Processes all capped tubes 80 to 110 mm in length (including cap) and 11 to 16 mm in diameter, including false bottom Options
  • Suitable for a range of preparations and sample types (serum/plasma, serum gel/plasma gel, EDTA, citrate, blood sugar, urine, etc.)
  • Integral ID module
  • Automatic sample accessioning
  • Customised sort rules to any analyser rack, centrifuge bucket, or bin

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