The current situation sourrounding the Corona pandemic as well as the worsening situation in Bavaria certainly leave no alternative to the decision we have taken. This is absolutely in line with our company philosophy, according to which the protection of the health of employees, customers and business partners has top priority. 

We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize once again how important personal contact with our customers is to us and that personal support is appreciated very highly within the company. We continue to believe in the format of the congresses and trade fairs and will continue to support them actively and within the usual scope.

We look forward to the upcoming Euromedlab 2022 in Munich. New date: April 10-14, 2022

Below we give you the opportunity to get an overview of the main topics we would have presented during Euromedlab.

Please contact us at marketing(at) if you have any requests or questions about the topics.

Microvette® APT

Automated Processing Tube

  • Capillary blood collection system for automated sample processing
  • Leak-proof cap with pierceable membrane
  • K2 EDTA preparation for 250 - 500 µl capillary blood
  • Available in ISO and EU colour code




The digitalisation of preanalytics

We monitor the quality of all human samples in preanalytics, reduce preanalytical errors and offer a completely digital process chain.

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Tempus600® Quantit 

Dispatch several samples at the same time without any packaging

  • Fast and predictable turnaround time 
  • Better sample quality - Minimizes errors (samples cannot be lost)
  • Secure and reliable transport system - 99.9% uptime
  • Faster decisions leading to better treatment

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Tempus 600® Necto

Automation of the sample reception area

  • Automatic and manual sample accessioning
  • Pre-defined sorting rules or acc. test request (LIS)
  • Samples can be transported to four different external destinations
  • Samples can be sorted in up to two local bins
  • Can be combined with any track system
  • Safe, rapid and continuous fully automated operation 

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  • Bulk loading and pre sorting
  • Transfer to the laboratory track 
  • Innovation - Performance - Flexibility
  • The perfect solution also for your lab


Brochure: BL 1200 - SORT CONNECT

Brochure: Systematic Workflow