User videos S-Monovette®

New S-Monovette® user videos

SARSTEDT has produced some new animated user videos explaining step by step how to use the 2-in-1 S-Monovette® blood collection system.

The videos guide the users through the various steps of blood collection, with the option of choosing between aspiration and vacuum technology for the S-Monovette®. As well as advice on handling the S-Monovette®, the videos explain important pre-analytic aspects for optimal sample quality.

The S-Monovette® combines the options of collecting blood using aspiration or vacuum technology. There are also two different needle version available, in order to cater to the patient’s vein conditions in the best possible manner. The new videos explain in detail how to use both needle versions, i.e. the Safety needle and the Safety-Multifly® needle.

In order to support S-Monovette® users around the world, the videos are available in 13 different languages and are available for use in EU and ISO colour codes.

You will find all videos on our website under the category “Downloads – Videos” and can also watch them there.

The English and German versions of the video are also available on the official SARSTEDT YouTube channel and are included on the free e-learning platform e-campus.

We encourage you to use and share these instruction videos and see this as an important support tool to teach users how to use SARSTEDT’s products properly, with an emphasis on obtaining the best possible sample quantity.

The videos are particularly helpful for new medical personnel, phlebotomists and nurses who regularly collect blood. They are also an ideal refresher for all employees working in the area of blood collection. Since the videos are available on the SARSTEDT YouTube channel, users can watch them whenever and wherever they like.

Please use one of the following browser to watch the videos: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.