Tube labeller

Tube labeller - HENm and HENm Cart

SARSTEDT is expanding the range of solutions for improving the pre-analytical workflow to include the HENm and HENm Cart tube labellers. 

Automated labelling of blood sample tubes

The tabletop device HENm and the mobile version HENm Cart come right at the start of the process in the pre-analytical workflow from blood sampling to analysis in the laboratory.

The automated labelling of blood sample tubes avoids human errors and, thanks to the standardised process, guarantees not only perfect labelling of each tube, but also that the set is complete because no tube will be forgotten. In addition, by using the HENm, the acceptance sequence (CLSI Standards) can be controlled by the order of tube donation. Overall, additional work is avoided for everyone involved in the process – the patients, doctors/nurses and the medical laboratory.


HENm tube labeller – tabletop device

  • Provision of patient-specific labelled S-Monovettes according to information from the HIS or LIS
  • One set per patient with additional labels and receipt printing
  • No incorrect labelling, no missing tubes
  • Perfectly positioned labels increase process security in the laboratory


HENm Cart tube labeller– mobile version

  • Unique possibility for labelling at the patient’s bed
  • Integrated roll mixer ensures high-quality sample material 
  • Rechargeable battery supplies HENm, roll mixer and PC with sufficient energy for the daily routine.



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