Single-patient tourniquet – developed for effective infection prevention

Our new tourniquet offers the advantage of minimising the risk of cross-contamination and the development of nosocomial infections, such as MRSA, from all forms of venipuncture.

Manufactured from adaptable material, it supports the user with strong, reliable elasticity for optimum clamping and ensures that a soft, flexible sensation is maintained for the patient.

The intuitive system for threading the tourniquet, ease of tightening and quick release offer users easy handling and make it possible to collect blood using only one hand.

The latex-free product can be used multiple times on the same patient (e.g. for the duration of their stay in hospital). This tourniquet therefore represents a more cost-effective alternative to standard single-use tourniquets, e.g. made from flexible material, that have to be disposed of after one use.

Product features:


  • Very soft, latex-free material for increased patient comfort
  • Intuitively simple handling
  • Make it possible to collect blood using only one hand
  • One size that is suitable for both young infants and adults
  • Hygienic, resealable bag packaging