Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Screw Cap Micro Tubes – now also available in a Low Binding quality

The recovery of proteins and DNA without degradation or loss caused by adhesion to the tube wall is of crucial importance especially when using volumes in the micro liter range, expensive reagents or invaluable samples. Whenever the tubes are transported or stored for an extended period of time, they must also be designed to ensure excellent sealing features for protection against leaking or evaporation.

To combine these two product benefits – a low binding quality and an especially secure sealing principle – was the reason for adding screw cap micro tubes made from special low protein or low DNA binding polypropylene to the Sarstedt portfolio. This material prevents protein or DNA adhesion to the screw cap micro tube wall without the need for any interfering coating like, for example, silicone. 

We would be pleased to provide a customised quotation on the Low Binding screw cap micro tubes with an optimal solution for your specific application. With this on hand, you will then be able to select from the range of individual features of low protein or DNA binding quality, volumes, screw cap colours or options, packaging units, purity levels, skirted base or knurls of our Low Binding Screw Cap Micro Tube.

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All volumes – 1.5 ml and 2,0 ml – in the reliable option with skirted base and knurls, PCR Performance Tested quality, now also included in our catalogue.


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