SC 2700

High-performance benchtop centrifuge with swing-out rotor

Serum gel samples can now be separated in just eight minutes with the new high-performance benchtop centrifuge SC 2700 thanks to its maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of up to 2700 x g. This provides a significant time saving in day-to-day work processes compared with similar commercially available centrifuges.

Intuitive operation to centrifuge the most common types of sample materials at the push of a button is guaranteed by pre-set programs for blood and urine. The settings tailored to the specific sample materials of blood and urine make it virtually impossible to operate the centrifuge incorrectly.

Should individual settings be required, there is an additional, variable program where the user can set the speed/force (RPM or RCF) and the running time of the centrifuge. 

The settings can be reviewed at any time on the two generous displays. During operation, these two screens permanently display the target and actual values and the remaining running time of the selected program.

Intuitive user interface

You can choose from three settings

  • Program 1: Blood, 2,700 x g for eight minutes
  • Program 2: Urine, 500 x g for five minutes
  • Program 3: variably adjustable

The centrifuge runs extremely quietly (≤54 dB(A)), so that it can be operated without disturbing patients.

A 6-position swing-out rotor and the associated tube holders for commercially available tubes up to 100 mm in length are included with the centrifuge.

Unlike centrifugation using a fixed-angle rotor, a swing-out rotor ensures an even, homogeneous separating layer. This diffusion barrier guarantees precise sample stability and maximum sample material available for analysis.

The new SC 2700 centrifuge is ideal for doctors’ practices, small laboratory units or individual departments in hospitals that want to centrifuge blood, urine or saliva samples in pre-analytical processes immediately after they have been collected.

Manufactured in Germany, the SC 2700 centrifuge delivers quality and reliability, proven by its CE IVD certification.

Manufactured by: Hermle Labortechnik GmbH; Siemensstr. 25; 78564 Wehingen; Germany


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