S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit

The S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit – POC diagnostics in just one step

The need for point-of-care diagnostics contributes significantly towards making therapy decisions quickly.

With the S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit, test cartridge sample dosing can be carried out accurately and in just on step. This provides reliable results quickly, while ensuring optimal patient care and turnaround times. The combination of the S-Monovette® and the needle-free POCT DISPENSER also reduces the risk of infection for the user by ensuring hygienic dispensing. There is no need to open the blood sample.

Advantages for users and patients

  • Rapid therapy decisions thanks to quick turnaround time
  • Risk of infection minimised thanks to closed blood transfer
  • Needle-free POCT DISPENSER transfer unit

Cost and quality advantages

  • Reliable results thanks to more precise sample dosing
  • Reduction in consumables to be disposed of
  • Reduced process costs (Savings made on expensive test cartridges as fewer
    repeat measurements required)

An incorrectly filled POCT cartridge can lead to non-processing on POC devices, which can result in time and money being needlessly wasted. The S-Monovette® POC Collect Kit adds value to point-of-care diagnostics and also protects users.

You can find more information about the product in our leaflet.