Refill Revolution

Pipette Tips Meet The Refill Revolution

Discover our refill revolution. Find out more about our advanced and innovative system. Explore the latest features and advantages, plus try the system out for yourself!

At SARSTEDT, we set ourselves three benchmarks for our products: maximum precision, top-quality design and the highest hygiene standards. It’s a formula that has seen us successfully producing precision pipette tips for over 45 years. Now, we have drawn on all our experience, our technical expertise and our state-of-the-art production machinery to develop an innovative and flexible refill system. Welcome to the refill revolution! 

One system – four options

The box:
Pipetting is central to the work of any laboratory. That’s why we developed our new pipette tip system. At the heart of the new system is the SARSTEDT pipette tip box, which has been redesigned to create a robust and universal solution. Each tray is clearly and permanently labelled using laser technology, so that users can quickly and easily read key information such as the volume, batch number and shelf life. The box is the foundation of our new tip system

The SingleRefill:
Sustainability is currently a major concern for us all. Thanks to the new SARSTEDT SingleRefill, there is now an easy way to refill filter tips and eliminate unnecessary waste. The closed design prevents contamination of the pipette tips, meaning the refill process is hygienic as well as environmentally friendly. The SingleRefill is the sustainable solution for your laboratory. 

The StackPack:
Higher sample processing rates require more efficient solutions. The SARSTEDT StackPack has for many years provided a highly effective solution for laboratories with high tip usage rates. Individual trays can be transferred to the box in one simple manoeuvre, plus the compact and stable design means that tips can be removed for use directly from the StackPack itself. The StackPack is the innovative solution for ultimate efficiency. 

The bag:
Flexibility is vital. The SARSTEDT bag provides a low-cost packaging solution, which can be hygienically opened and sealed again using the pressure seal. The additional tamper-evident seal also gives users that extra reassurance that tips are 100% free from contamination. The bag is the cost-effective solution for flexible processes.

The refill revolution – your sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

Save energy: Our extremely stable box system is produced using as few materials as possible. The clever design reduces the use of plastic, and therefore the energy used to produce it!

Save space: 480 tips stored in a StackPack take up the same amount of space as 192 tips in two boxes. By reducing the storage space in this way, we can streamline transport logistics and also minimise the associated fuel consumption.

Save resources: It takes 64% less material to produce a StackPack including packaging, than to produce a box. This preserves valuable resources and keeps plastic usage to a minimum.

Reduce waste: After use, the various components of the box system can be stacked inside one another, in order to reduce the volume of waste produced.