Low Profile PCR strips

Convenient and efficient – the new Low Profile PCR strips

Low Profile or PCR strips, also known as “0.1 ml“ PCR strips, are required for so-called “Fast PCR Thermocyclers“ (0.1 ml block format). Due to the Low Profile design or shorter size, respectively, there is less room for the liquid PCR mixture to transfer into the gas phase when it is being heated. During PCR, this reduces the formation of condensation on the side walls of Low Profile tubes during cyclical heating. The advantage is that there is less of an influence on the PCR mixture, ensuring increased efficiency of the reaction.

Apart from a transparent Low Profile option (Art. No. 72.982.002), a white variant (Art. No. 72.982.092) is available that is ideally suited for quantitative PCR. Compatible lid strips are enclosed in the PCR tube packs.


Product features:

  • certified, free of human DNA, bacterial DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors, which means they are ideally suited to working with nucleic acids.
  • Extremely homogeneous design and thin-walls design ensure rapid temperature transfer from the thermoblock to the reaction chamber.
  • White option available (Art. No. 72.982.092) for optimal fluorescence detection in qPCR.

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