IsoFreeze® PCR Racks

Consistently cooled samples – the new IsoFreeze® PCR Racks

When preparing PCR samples in plates, strips and single tubes, PCR solutions must be kept cool as warming may result in unspecific PCR products. Our new IsoFreeze® PCR Racks prevent sample damage caused by premature warming.

Using IsoFreeze® PCR Racks provides considerable advantages:

  • Consistently cooled samples – when the product leaves the optimal temperature range (at 7°C), the rack's cooling block undergoes a clearly visible colour change – from purple to pink.
  • With the lid closed, the sample temperature can be maintained at abt. 4°C for a standard ambient temperature for 3 hours.
  • The rack with 8x12 wells in a 96-well format accommodates PCR plates, strips and individual tubes (0.2 mL)

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