CSF false-bottom tube

The CSF false-bottom tube sets new standards in Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics

The new CSF false-bottom tube (art. no.: 63.614.625) meets the requirements for reliable pre-analytics in Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics. 

The tube combines optimum low binding properties with standardized 75 x 13 mm dimensions for ideal handling and processing of this very special sample material. 

Thanks to the special low binding property, the high-quality material prevents the binding of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers and allows for maximum recovery in the sample material for reliable dementia diagnostics. 

Decanting of the cerebrospinal fluid after collection is no longer necessary with the CSF false-bottom tube. The working steps from sample collection, transport, analysis and storage are all carried out in the CSF false-bottom tube. The CSF false-bottom tube therefore meets the handling requirements for a cerebrospinal fluid primary vessel. 

The CSF false-bottom tube is recommended as standard in the pre-analytical consensus protocol* and has already been validated for the new immunoassay generation from Roche. 

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