5 ml Micro Tubes

5 ml Micro Tubes – the intermediate volume option for labs

Routine applications in the lab like dilution series, cell breakdown or sample backup frequently require filling volumes above 2 ml. Due to their slender design or screw caps, Micro Tubes with a larger volume are sometimes not ideally suited for these purposes.

Our new Micro Tubes combines the advantages of the SafeSeal Micro Tubes and 5 ml screw cap tubes in a single product. Easy to open with just one hand thanks to the ergonomic design, the snap-on lids with lip seal and retaining cams provide safe sealing characteristics even under thermal strain. The wide hinge enables easy and precise closure. Mixing up separate screw caps is excluded.

With their compact size, the 5 ml Micro Tubes are ideally suited for space-saving sample backup of for example, samples, media or cultures. Their diameter is identical with our 15 ml centrifuge tubes so that they are compatible with most racks, storage boxes and centrifuge inserts.  The low height facilitates and enables safe pipetting with minimised contamination hazard as the pipette cone does not immerse into the tube.

Certified DNA-, DNase-, RNase- and PCR inhibitor-free, the 5 ml Micro Tubes in PCR Performance Tested quality provide particular safety in nucleic acid analytics and molecular biology.

Additional product advantages at a glance:

  • Robust polypropylene – centrifugation to 21,000 x g, autoclavable
  • Moulded graduation – easy volume control
  • Writing space and frosted lid – safe marking and quick identification


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