x-well cell culture chamber, 1 well, on PCA slide, removable frame

Order number: 94.6140.102
x-well cell culture chamber, 1 well, on PCA slide, removable frame

Product description

Order number 94.6140.102
Product description x-well cell culture chamber, 1 well, on PCA slide, removable frame, sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, 6 piece(s)/blister

Product characteristics

Closure type slip-on lid
Design on PCA slide
Cell type Adherent cells
Number of wells 1
Growth area 9 cm²
Volume of work 4 ml
Removable frame yes


Width of product 24 mm
Length of product 76 mm

Material & colours

Product material Polycycloalkanes (PCA)
Frame material Polystyrene (PS)

Purity & certification

Product category no medical device | IVD
Purity standard sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic
Sterilisation Gas sterilisation
Pyrogen-free yes
Batched yes


Minimum order qty. 6
Type of smallest subpackaging blister
Piece(s) / inner box 6
Piece (s) / outer case 96
Piece(s) / pallet 10368
Depth of box 127 mm
Width of box 19 mm
Height of box 258 mm
Depth of case 275 mm
Width of case 270 mm
Height of case 185 mm
Case volume 0.0137 cbm
Weight of product 0.0133 kg
Weight of case 2.15 kg
EAN of inner box 4038917303231
EAN case 4038917303224
Product specification


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    What are x-well products and what can they be used for?

    X-well products are slide-based tissue culture chambers. They are made of slides and a polystyrene chamber with a lid and a bottle top. Using the x-well tissue culture chambers, adherent cells can be cultivated directly on the slide and analysed, for example using life-cell imaging. The same slide can then be used for staining and other microscopic analyses. We offer products with slides made from four different materials: glass, coverglass, PCA and lumox®. 

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    In which x-well tissue culture chambers is the slide detachable?

    The x-well slides made from glass, PCA and lumox® film are detachable. No tools are needed to detach the chambers, and no adhesive residue which may interfere with the results is left on the slide. 

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    What is the maximum magnification at which the different x-well tissue culture chambers can optimally be viewed under the microscope?

    The x-well coverglass tissue culture chambers can optimally be used up to a magnification of 1000 (100x lens) and the x-well tissue culture chambers with slides made of PCA, glass and lumox® film can be optimally used up to a magnification of 400 (40x lens). 

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