Insert, 6 Well, PET 1µm, TP

Order number: 83.3930.101
Insert, 6 Well, PET 1µm, TP

Product description

Order number 83.3930.101
Product description TC insert for 6 well plate, PET membrane bottom, transparent, pore size 1 µm, sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, 1 pc./blister

Product characteristics

Suitable for
Base shape Flat base
Growth area 4,5 cm²
Volume of work 1-4 ml
Pore size 1 µm

Material & colours

Membrane material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Frame material Polystyrene (PS)

Purity & certification

Product in accordance with MDD or IVDD No marking necessary
CE certified No CE marking
Purity standard non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic
Sterilisation sterile
Pyrogen-free Pyrogen-free
Lot or serial number batched


Minimum order qty. 24
Pcs. / inner box 24
Pcs. / box 720
Pcs. / pallet 11520
Depth of case 550 mm
Width of case 395 mm
Height of case 416 mm
Case volume 0,0904 cbm
Weight of case 6,46 KG
EAN of inner box 4038917370899
EAN of outer box 4038917370882
Product specification
Sarstedt TC Inserts

Sarstedt TC Inserts

Cell- and tissue culture

Cell- and tissue culture


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    What sizes of cell culture tubes does Sarstedt offer?

    We offer cell culture tubes in sizes T-25, T-75 and T-175.  

    We have dishes with diameters of 35 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. 

    For multiple cultivation on an average to small scale, we offer tissue culture plates with 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells.

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    Can the Sarstedt cell culture bottles, plates and dishes be coated with, for example, poly-L-lysine?


    In general, our cell culture products can be coated without any problems. In addition to the standard cell culture surface for adherent cells (red colour code), we also offer an additional service for sensitive, adherent cells (e.g. primary cells, cells under serum-reduced conditions). Polar groups are also brought into the hydrophilic surface via a special treatment of the plastic surface. This leads to improved imitation of the in vivo environment and therefore to the adhesion of challenging cells. Due to its properties, the Cell+ surface (yellow colour code) can make the use of coated culture vessels redundant in many cases.

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    With which caps are the cell culture bottles available?

    All tissue culture bottles are equipped with a user-friendly quick-release cap which is available either as a ventilation cap or a two-position screw cap. 

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    What does the red-yellow-green colour code with which the cell culture products are labelled mean?

    The coloured marking on the cell culture bottles, dishes and plates represents the surface of the cell culture tube. In order to meet the requirements for as many different cell types as possible, we offer flasks, dishes and plates with three different growth surfaces:

    - Red: The hydrophilic standard growth surface provides an optimum culture substrate for the most adherent cells.

    - Yellow:  The yellow Cell+ growth surface was developed for particularly sensitive adherent cells (e.g. primary cells, sensitive cell culture lines and cells which are cultivated under serum-reduced/serum-free conditions). Due to its properties, the Cell+ surface can make the use of coated culture vessels redundant in many cases.

    - Green: We have a hydrophobic growth surface for suspension cells. The hydrophobic surface is particularly suitable for the cultivation of suspension cells and minimises cell losses during the sub-cultivation due to unwanted microadhesion.

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Product drawings

Cell culture plates, Cell culture flasks, Cell culture dishes